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How to connect Windows Phone 7 to your car stereo

Windows Phone 7 that was built on top of Microsoft Zune platform is a new trend and hasn't reached wide adoption yet. I'm a strong believer that it will grow it's market share which will stimulate Zune player interface implementation in various devices, including car stereos. However at this point, iPod is de-facto the standard that everyone loves and deployes. If you're have a Windows Phone 7 device you still have a few options to connect it to your car stereo. The most widely spread approach is through Zune to FM converter. It plugs into your Windows Phone 7 device, receives...

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez about Life

I've been reading about the Gabriel Garcia Marquez and collected the most famous phrases of his about life. I'm presenting my translation so please don't judge hardly. Here they are: A true friend is the one holding your hand and feeling your heart beating The worst way to grieve about somebody is to be with him and understand he'll never be yours. Don't cry about something that passed. Smile because it has happened. Don't waste your time for the man that is not willing to spend it with...

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Microsoft Recruitment Process

I have a singed employee agreement with the Microsoft SQL Server team based in Redmond, WA. Besides I've just passed the 2nd round interviews with the Microsoft adCenter team based in Dublin, Ireland. Two facts above make me think I have enough experience to share with newbies to help them feel more confident. The first thing you need to have sending your CV to the Microsoft is a patience. It may take a few month from CV submission date till the job offer (in case you succeed). Microsoft recruiters take you through 3 rounds of the reviews: 1st one....

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