September 2011 Blog Posts

How to connect Windows Phone 7 to your car stereo

Windows Phone 7 that was built on top of Microsoft Zune platform is a new trend and hasn't reached wide adoption yet. I'm a strong believer that it will grow it's market share which will stimulate Zune player interface implementation in various devices, including car stereos. However at this point, iPod is de-facto the standard that everyone loves and deployes. If you're have a Windows Phone 7 device you still have a few options to connect it to your car stereo. The most widely spread approach is through Zune to FM converter. It plugs into your Windows Phone 7 device, receives...

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Microsoft OLE DB deprecation

Recently Microsoft announced in a blog post that it is deprecating OLE DB stack in SQL Server Native Client and shifting focus to ODBC. Given that I own SQL Server Native Client product at Microsoft I'd like to take a few minutes to clarify what is actually happening and why industry shouldn't panic. After reading original blog post and various interpretations by different people on the internet one might think that OLE DB as technology is being deprecated. This isn't true. Only a concrete implementation is being deprecated, namely SQL Server Native Client's OLE DB stack. If you are familiar with...

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